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Medium enemies are a variant of pigs found in Angry Birds Evolution.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Attack Passives Faction
Body Slam 
Body-slams the birds, dealing light damage.
Call Tourists 
Summons 2 tourist pigs onto the battlefield
Pig Out 
The fat guy stuffs his face…and BURPS at the birds, dealing light damage Passive: Snack Time – Recovers nearby pigs’ health by 30% once per turn
Snack Time 
Recovers nearby pigs’ health by 30% once per turn.
Free Sample! 
Throws an energy drink at the birds, dealing light damage
Free Drinks! 
enrages all nearby pigs
Energetic Throw 
Drinks an energy drink for X health and hurls the can for X damage. The can bounces and hits a pig, causing it to become enraged.
Bacon Headz
Summons 2 small Bacon Headz pig reinforcements. When enraged, it summons 3 pigs instead.
Spiky Spikes 
Extends and retracts its spikes in regular intervals. Birds hit by the spikes take minor damage.
Bacon Headz
Pig Propaganda 
Shouts propaganda to rally the other pig combatants.
Assault Tactics 
Increases the attack damage of nearby pigs by 20%
Bacon Corp
Build Turret 
Builds a turret that deals minor damage each turn
Bacon Corp
Discharges a blast of energy that zaps birds, dealing medium damage.
Energy Shield 
Generates an impenetrable rotating energy shield
Bacon Corp
Throws explosives at the birds for X damage! Then, he drops TWO bombs.
Turns all nearby bombs into healing bombs and then throws his ladle at the birds, dealing X damage.
Hot-Choc Barrage 
This pig BURPS hot chocolate at the birds, dealing X damage! Yuck!
Jump Attack 
Jumps on the birds, dealing X damage.
Color Zap 
Zaps the birds for X damage.
Color Shield 
Envelops a pig in a shield for X turns that only birds of his color can penetrate. Reduces damage dealt by all other birds.
Jump Attack 
Jumps on the birds, dealing damage.
Affinity for Color 
Reduces damage from all birds except ones of a his color.
Don Bacon
Call Guards 
The boss calls security, dealing light damage and spawing 1 guard.
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