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Large enemies are a variant of pig enemies found in Angry Birds Evolution.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Attack Passives Faction
Large Basic Attack 
Charges at the birds, dealing light damage.
Treasure Hunter 
The treasure hunter steals all power-ups and jumps on the birds, dealing light damage. Each power-up stoles increases the damage.
Throw TNT 
Throws a TNT crate at the birds
Explodes when KO’d, dealing area damage
Swallows an energy drink, becomes enraged and recovers X health. Afterwards, he spits the empty can at the birds for damage.
Gimme Gimme 
Rotates in real time (looking at the energy drink on a stick).
Bacon Headz
I’m Watching You! 
Jumps on the birds, dealing X damage. Enrage: damage increases by X in addition to the normal damage bonus.
Bacon Headz
Blast birds with a crackling energy orb that deals damage. Nearby robots add power to the attack, causing even more damage.
BUZZ Drone 
3 robotic drones circle the inventor.
Bacon Corp
Charge Order 
Orders the nearby pigs to attack immediately, then charges at the birds himself, dealing light damage.
Bacon Corp
His MASSIVE cannon hurls a bomb at the birds for X damage. Bombs in front of him are sucked into the cannon for increased damage.
A distant pirate ship unleashes a barrage of cannon fire, dealing X damage to the birds.
Captain’s Orders 
Increases the attack damage of all pigs around him
Christmas Present 
Throws a Christmas present (contains TNT! at the birds, dealing X damage.
Explodes when KO'd, dealing X damage to everything within range.
Jump Attack 
Jumps on the birds, dealing X damage.
Jump Attack 
Jumps on the birds, dealing damage.
Affinity for Color 
Reduces damage from all birds except ones of a his color.
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