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"The Oinktagon: two teams enter, only one leaves (victorious)."
- Store listing description

The Arena, or formally, the Oinktagon, is where player-versus-player battles take place in Angry Birds Evolution.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After making early progress into the game, the player will be able to enter the Oinktagon, a floating arena where bird squads battle against each other. He or she will fight against other players' bird squads, and the prize of victory would usually be player experience, a dungeon key and some trophies. The team that he/she faces will usually have the same amount of trophies as the player.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The goal of a match of Oinktagon is to defeat the opposing team by draining his/her health bar at the top of the screen via pig attacks. The playing field always contains five Sports Pigs (although some matches may use a few, bigger Sports Pigs), which will attack the squad that they stand closer to via mud once a turn is completed. The player must fire his or her birds to hit the pigs and knock them into his/her opponent's side of the arena, so that they will attack his/her team once the turn is over. However, these pigs also have limited health, and the player is encouraged to defeat the pigs to gain any of three kinds of advantages against the opponent, depending on what icon appears on each of the pigs' heads.

  • Extra Damage: Most pigs, when defeated, will inflict extra damage against the opponent. This is usually a good way for a player to hold his/her own against opponents with higher team power ratings.
  • Fury Acceleration: Some pigs, when defeated, will accelerate the fury countdowns of the player's birds, allowing them to use their Super Shot one turn sooner.
  • Health Recovery: Some pigs, when defeated, will replenish a small amount of the player's health.

Any pigs that are defeated will be replaced with fully healthy pigs, so that there will always be five pigs in the Oinktagon.

The two teams in the Oinktagon will then take turns knocking the pigs around until one team's health bar empties completely. The player with remaining health will then be declared the winner. If both the player and opponent's health bar empties in the same turn, the player wins despite having no health left. Winning a match will grant the player a certain number of trophies to advance up a leaderboard, where Gems and an Anger Totem are among the top prizes, while losing a match will cost the player some trophies.

There is also a limit to how often the player can play Oinktagon matches. He/she can play two matches immediately, but would then have to wait several minutes before these two free matches are available again. If the player does not wish to wait, he/she can watch an advertisement, spend an Arena Ticket or pay 100 Gems to play another match.

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